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3 steps to a charming wedding in Bordeaux

France is the land of elegance. Wearing long classic dresses or drinking champagne, in France, people are viewed as romantic and dignified. Organizing your wedding in France is the opportunity/chance to fully embrace french tradition and sophistication. But now, let’s talk precisely about Bordeaux, often considered as the world’s wine capital. With its greenery and vineyard castles, Bordeaux offers the perfect landscape for a wedding of your dreams. Bordeaux is attracting more and more international couples, so why not yours? Let’s go through the 3 steps to create your perfect charming wedding.

I. Finding your favorite place

Bordeaux is also called Port de la Lune, a lovely nickname for a charming city. Bordeaux gives endless possibilities for your perfect location. There is a solution for everybody. If you prefer/are more into elegance and refinement, you will choose a majestic castle with large windows and a floral garden. Conversely, if you are lovers of wild and green landscapes, the Southwest Atlantic coast is your perfect spot. Otherwise, if you love bucolic countryside and wine, you can choose the vineyards of Bordeaux. Examples of each location can be found in Part II.

Furthermore, Bordeaux has also its own airport, so you can come from your country and welcome your guests more easily. It also offers the opportunity to leave to a fancy honeymoon. Bordeaux is therefore your ideal place for your wedding!

II. Beautiful landscapes and amazing places

Bordeaux is known as a cultural and architectural city. Its streets are imbued with emotions and history. This is the secret to the charm of the city.

If you want to marry in Bordeaux itself, you need to know that there are only a few options for your reception venue. You can avail of the banks of the Garonne or greet God in the Saint-André cathedral, but Anne-Laure, our wedding planner in Bordeaux, advises to be outside the center to enjoy this beautiful region.

Let’s discover together some examples of amazing places.

A) The Citadel of Blaye

At the end of the Gironde estuary, North of Bordeaux, you will find the citadel of Blaye, a lovely medieval place with ramparts that brings you back to the age of knights. The citadel of Blaye is well-known for its vineyards and its breathtaking view. The town is touristic, so your guests can stay in the surroundings of your reception, in the hotels offered. It is THE spot for future newlyweds who want to feel like one in a different world.

B) Saint-Émilion and castles

If you are lovers of wine, Saint-Émilion and the castles around the city can be your love at first sight. Saint-Émilion is a natural amphitheater surrounded by vineyards. The medieval city is the ideal for traditional and romantic couples. Cobbled street and glassblowers, Saint-Émilion brings the touch of charm in your wedding.

Moreover the Saint-Émilion area is composed of many castles all more wonderful than each other. Chateau Saint-Georges or Chateau La Croizille will immerse you in the French touch.

Chateau Gassies for a princess wedding in Bordeaux
Chateau Gassies – Crédits Photo: Caroline Hoang

If castles are your thing, then Bordeaux is your place. The wine country is composed of many wine castles with its own vineyards like Chateau Pape Clément or Chateau Gassies. It allows you to have the wedding of your dreams in a natural landscape.

C) The Bay of Arcachon

The last favorite place of the bordelais is the Bay of Arcachon. Long sandy beaches and ocean as far as the eye can see, Arcachon delights Bordeaux and foreigners. The sun and the warm temperature will accompany you in this special day. The Villa Tosca is the most famous place for a wedding in Arcachon. If you want a special golden hour and a wild wedding, you can choose the Bay of Arcachon.

The Villa Tosca for an unforgettable Wedding in Bordeaux
Villa Tosca – Crédits Photo: Jeremy Boyer

III. A city but mostly a gastronomy

On the catering side, Bordeaux is a treasure. The city and the region are well-known for the gastronomy. Cooking in Bordeaux is a real lifestyle. A wedding in Bordeaux must be a gourmet show. For appetizers, your caterer can propose a range of flavors, from oyster of Arcachon to asparagus of Blaye. It’s up to you to discuss with your chef how you want to present these traditional dishes.

Then, let’s talk about the main course. Bordeaux is in a region where meat is central. Bazas beef, duck of the Landes or foie gras from Southwest, your plate can be made of a large variety of meat. You can combine this with some local vegetables as porcini mushrooms or pumpkin.

To end the meal, Bordeaux has its own sweets like cannelés or macarons.

Each dish must be served with wine from Bordeaux. Do not forget: Bordeaux is the wine world capital! Hire a sommelier, he will guide you to increase food and wine. If you want to try something new, ask for a Lillet. It’s an alcohol from Bordeaux, sweet and smooth, perfect for the end of the meal.

Now, you know everything for a flawless wedding. Is Bordeaux made for you?

Enjoy! ♥

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